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Virus Protection

A computer virus is a bit of code that can duplicate itself and usually has a negative consequence, such as damaging the system or erasing your data on the computer. A computer virus, like the flu virus, can spread swiftly by opening e-mails, attachments, downloads, and scam links. It attaches to programs, documents, Internet downloads, and files, and can be propagated by opening e-mails, attachments, downloads, and files. Viruses can also infect mobile devices via app downloads.

Never download programs, apps, or attachments that you are unfamiliar with, are not expecting, or do not come from a reliable source, and never click on websites that you are unfamiliar with.

Virus Protection for Your Computer and Mobile Devices

Virus protection software is required to safeguard your computer or device from incoming threats, and it should also send an alert when a potential threat is found. To ensure optimal protection and performance, keep your security software up to date.

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