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What is a Domain Name?

The domain name of your website is the address that people type into the URL bar of their browser to visit it.

To put it another way, if your website were a house, your domain name would be the address.

A more extensive explanation is as follows:

The Internet is a massive network of computers linked together by a worldwide network of cables. This network’s computers can connect with one another.

Each machine is given an IP address in order to be identified. It’s a string of integers that uniquely identifies a computer on the internet. The following is an example of a typical IP address:

It’s difficult to memorize an IP address like this. Consider what it would be like if you had to use such numbers to access your favorite websites.

Domain names were created to address this issue.

You no longer need to input a long string of numbers in order to view a website. Instead, type an easy-to-remember domain name into your browser’s address bar to access it. For instance, take a look at safecyberit.com.

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